You Are Incredible Just The Way You Are by Emily Coxhead

A journal for you to embrace self-love and remind your loved ones of how wonderful they are. This is a beautifully designed self-esteem and confidence journal by our friend, Emily Coxhead of The Happy News.

Designed to help you find your way in a world of comparison and judgement. Using prompts, questions, space to write down thoughts as well as uplifting quotes and thought provoking words Emily will help you feel more confident in yourself and less anxious about what other people think.

Why we love it
When you open this journal you can see the joy leap from the colours in the pages, it's absolutely lovely and feels like sunshine. In a society that profits from our self doubt liking yourself is a rebellious act, this journal is about finding happiness by embracing your imperfect self, embracing failure, celebrating differences and finding people to make you happier. This book is designed to help us to be kinder to ourselves and each other.